How Often To Water New Grass Seed? [Best Tips For Watering Seeds Properly]

Establishing a green, healthy, and attractive lawn is not an easy task. It needs proper care, knowledge, and environment.

If you think you just throw a water pipe in your lawn and your duty is done, you are wrong. It’s a complicated task that should be performed with complete attention and requires time. So, are you aware of how many times you can water a new grass seed? No, Let me tell you!

Generally, new grass needs water twice a day or more if the weather is dry. Two inches soil top must be moist all the time. Continue this routine until you find the seed sprouting. After that reduce the water quantity and start watering just once a week. You can change it according to weather conditions and seed demands.

For the best results, make sure that your soil is fully prepared to carry new grass seeds. For this, make ready the surface of the lawn by moisturizing it about 6 to 8 inches by watering it daily.

How much water is required for new grass seed? This query can be solved if you know how much water is sprinkled by your sprinkler and what are the requirements of the soil and seed.

To make it easy for you, we gather all the necessary info in this post. Let’s start reading!

How Often To Water New Grass Seed In Summer

For a thick and attractive lawn, it’s essential to water it properly in the right way. For this, you must have complete knowledge about the grass seed and the season in which you are going to plant it.

If you want to plant new grass seeds in summer, be careful about watering them. At first, the soil must remain moist after planting seeds. Not so deeply just the top part of the soil.

Keep the soil moisturized instead of making it soggy or muddy. Make it moisture for 2 to 3 weeks by watering it daily. You can water it more than once a day if you find the soil becoming dry or lacking water.

Especially, in hot and dry weather, there is a need for watering frequently. When grass seed starts germination, make your soil moist from the top at least 2 inches. Grant the soil to become a little dry, when you water it.

Always use a long water pipe so that you can easily provide water to each and every corner of your lawn where you have sowed seeds.

This process helps the grassroots to spread deeply. While continuous growth of grass seeds, you can reduce the water level by 2 to 3 days.

Be careful at high temperatures and prevent the soil from dryness. Reduce watering once or two times per week when new grass is ready for cut down.

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How Often To Water New Grass Seed In September

Weather and environmental conditions help you to take proper care of your grass. Additionally, soil type, its condition, grass seed type, and the method that you choose for sowing are also important factors.

How much do you water new grass seed? This quarry depends upon the season in which you are planting grass seeds. In September, it’s best to water your grass seed one time daily. It is the best season for grass seeds germination. To keep the soil moisture deeply, continue this process first few weeks.

Don’t water the seed in the rainy season when the rain comes. The plant will fulfill its needs by getting rainwater. Little green grass shoot will come soon if you provide proper water to it.

The proper germination of seed starts within 7 to 30 days. Keep noticing the seed after sprouting and water it if you feel it dry.

You can use a rotary nozzle to water your grass seeds properly because it can supply water to each seed according to its need.

Four Main Tips For Proper Watering

Enough watering is crucial not only for new grass seeds but also for the good health of grass in the future. If you don’t care about it and water the seed in excess, you will lose your seeds. Your wish to get lush green grass may be wasted.

Here are four easy and effective tips to water your lawn espacially new seeds. Read them carefully and follow them.

  1. At first, proper moisturized soil is essential for the best germination of seeds. Prepare the soil a few days before seedling and water it daily at least 6 to 8 inches deeply. To supply water equally at each corner attach a sprayer to the water pipe. It will make your work easy.
  2. Continue the process of watering until you get the top 2 inches of surface moist. Be careful and avoid soaking the soil. A water sprinkler is the best option to save your lawn from overflowing with water. Don’t compromise with quality. Choose the best product.
  3. Keep the lawn in your observation while the seed sprouts. Pay special attention to sunny and shady areas.
  4. After the entire establishment of the lawn, reduce the water level daily to once a week. Water the soil about one inch deeply. Don’t water at night, do it in the morning to avoid evaporation.

Follow these tips and get healthy grass. If you don’t you may have to face fungus issue because of excessive use of water.

how many times you can water a new grass seed

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to water new grass seed in the fall?

Enough watering plays an important role in successful planting during fall. It can keep the soil moist while the germination process. Try to water the grass seed by sprinkling gently.

Can you overwater newly planted grass seed?

Overwatering can create many problems. One of them is that it may wash away new seeds and newly sprouted grass. So be careful and avoid overflowing of water.

What is the best time to water grass seed?

Morning and evening is the best time for watering new grass seeds. The reason is that these are the coolest parts of the day. During this time, water can easily be absorbed easily instead of overflowing.


After reading this informative post, you will be able to make your lawn lush green and beautiful. It’s easy to achieve your goal. You just have to work hard and follow the care instructions.

As you know water plays an important role in the better growth of grass. Be careful while watering grass seeds because an overflow of water can wash away new seeds and you may get nothing except waste roots.

We have mentioned all the essential points to guide you about watering grass seeds. Follow the quantity and time for watering grass and get what you want.

Share your experience with us and also with your loved ones who want to make their lawn attractive.

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