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Picking blooms, fruit and vegetables brings real excitement and smiles on the faces of gardeners. Do you really want to experience this joy?  Yes, we are gardeners. We sow seeds, water it, take care of the plant in extreme weather conditions, and we are passionate to grow, grow and grow.

Before eating has you ever observed how much will be done to bring this vegetable to your kitchen table. Of course, someone may sow its seed, Someone may take care of its seedlings, Someone may water it and then after ripening,  it will be picked by someone.

Our website is there to help you out if you are planning to grow vegetables or fruit or even flowers in the back yard or garden. Our agricultural experts are constantly searching for the best market offering the latest tools for cutting woods, best fertilizers, supporting cages, and many more

How we started

GargenPick was born as a result of studies conducted by researcher cum agricultural expert Ellisa Morrel. She chose agriculture as a subject during graduation and while net search she noticed very little has been written by experts for gardeners. During her thesis, she worked on the use of techniques for domestic growers and farmers. Gardening was not as easy as gadgets and fertilizers have made it. She thought she can make a hard job of gardening easy for everyone who is interested. So, she decided to take an initiative to make a platform where she could write about her personal experience and about her dedicated teamwork.

Lisa Marshall

With time Ellisa expanded her research of agriculture and purchased her own garden. Now she could try each fertilizer, tool, cage by herself there. She set a laboratory for testing different fertilizer brands available in markets. For almost 13 years she has been working on different agricultural techniques. To make the work of other farmers easy, she started to put all her studies on paper and then publish it on this site. Her articles on this site are helping thousands of domestic and professional growers. There is everything here about your plant from planting to picking.

What you can find here

Garden lovers can read honest reviews of the latest gardening accessories like cutting tools, cages, fertilizers, grow tents and many more. All these products are tested personally by our experts in our lab and then enlisted to write reviews.

.This site includes tips for outdoor gardening and even gardening inside tents in small areas. By using these tips you can grow vegetables even in your kitchen.

Fertilizers are tested in our garden pick farm and lab for NPK and then advised to farmers. Even potted plant growers can also get benefits from these articles and reviews. Your journey to be a successful gardener is just one step away.

You can get free advice from our experts

Our free advice feature has helped thousands to grow well. Feel free to ask whatever you want about your plant. Our experts will help you in case of any challenge. Moreover, you can give your opinion and suggestions at the end of reviews or articles in the comment box. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated. For any query, you can contact us.

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