Will Sevin Kill Bagworms? Sevin vs. Bagworms: Battle 2023!

Sevin spray is known to be one of the best methods to kill bagworms. It has been used in households and gardens for years, as an effective and easy way to get rid of these pests. This product is labeled to kill more than 150 insects. 

If you are scrolling through the list of labeled insects to find the name of bagworms, this post is for you!

Will sevin kill bagworms? Yes, Sevin Spray is an effective way to kill bagworms. It works by targeting the eggs and larvae of these pests, so it stops them from reproducing and spreading more on plants.  This insecticide has ingredients like zeta-cypermethrin and bifenthrin to kill and stop the growth of bagworms and other insects.

The spray should be applied during spring or early summer when the temperature is between 50-90 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal results. The second application may be necessary 14-21 days later if additional signs of infestation appear. Applying Sevin Spray can help prevent further damage to plants while also controlling existing populations of bagworms in your outdoor spaces.

What is Bagworm: Identification

Bagworms aren’t the easiest insects to identify, but you’ll know it if you see one. They get their name from the bag-shaped cocoons the larvae construct out of silken threads, plant debris, and silk. They protect themselves by staying inside this bag and can make their way around your garden by attaching their cocoon to branches and twigs. Bagworms can be anywhere from one-half to two inches long.

To identify a bagworm, look for caterpillar-like insects that are hanging in bags attached to branches, twigs, and other plants in your garden. You’ll also find some eggs on the outside of the cocoon. They look like tiny yellow or brown disks stuck on the silk material. Once you’ve identified a bagworm, you can determine if Sevin spray will be effective as a means of control.

Types of Sevin Insecticides

There are two main types of these insecticides. Both are effective on worms but they are different to use. Depending on the area you want to cover and the infestation you can use what suits you. For areas up to 200 acres, granular Sevin is the best choice. 

  1. Sevin Insect Killer Spray ( Liquid Form) 
  2. Sevin Insect Killer Dust( Powder form)

Will Sevin Insect Killer Powder Kill Bagworms

Sevin insect killer dust is labeled as “ kill over 150 listed insects”. In this list, you can easily find bagworms. As soon as it comes in contact with bagworms it works immediately. It also kills ants, aphids, and many more insects.

Application of  Sevin Insect Killer Powder

Its application is much simple just like granulated fertilizer. All you need to do is just to sprinkle an even layer on the invasive area of the garden and then water it.

Will Garden Tech Sevin Kill Bagworms

Yes, it can kill bagworms and more than 500 worms. It protects plants for up to 3 months. This concentrated solution is used after mixing in water 4 ounces per gallon of water. It contains active ingredients to kill bagworms instantly. 

It is important to read the instructions before using them. This insecticide actively kills larvas and worms hidden under shrubs and narrow areas of plants. Its effect reaches out everywhere around the invasive area to ensure better protection for up to 90 days. 

Will Sevin Kill Bagworms

Yes, it is labeled to kill bagworms. This liquid spray contains active ingredients zeta-cypermethrin to dissolve the infestation of bagworms and their larvae. Without damaging your plants it keeps protecting them even after use.

In order to cover the infested area apply it directly to the plant. 

does sevin dust kill bagworms

Which Is Better to Kill Bagworrms: Granular Sevin Or Sevin Spray

Sevin ready-to-kill spray is much more effective on bagworms than granular Sevin. The reason is that it is easy to use and long-lasting in effect. The spray has a tendency to reach deep in the soil to kill the larvas while glandular Sevin takes time to dissolve.

The effect of spray starts immediately while granular Sevin takes time to get in contact with the invasive areas. After watering the plant the effect of granular Sevin will not be the same, while the spray has the same effect after water. 

Does Sevin Spray Kills Bagworms

Yes, Sevin Spray works well, and it’s been a popular choice for Bagworm control for many years.

Here are some of the reasons Sevin Spray is an effective treatment:

  1. Sevin has insecticides that will kill off Bagworms and their larvae quickly.
  2. It can penetrate through the soil to reach adult Bagworms that may be hiding there.
  3. It won’t just kill the adult Bagworms but also their eggs so you don’t have to worry about new ones popping up.
  4. Its active ingredient carbaryl is approved by the EPA which means it’s safe to use around your family and pets.
  5. It can be used directly on plants without damaging them or killing beneficial insects.
  6. It has long-lasting effects so it will keep your plants safe from Bagworms for up to 3 months.
  7. It can be used both indoors and outdoors on a wide variety of plants, including vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs, and more.

Overall, Sevin Spray is a reliable and effective form of treatment for Bagworms.

How To Apply Sevin Spray On Bagworms

Using a pesticide like Sevin ready-to-kill spray is an easy-to-go task t, so here are some steps to follow if you get the best results.

Step-1 Preparation

Before you start using Sevin spray, inspect the plants and make sure there really are bagworms present. These pests like to hide, so look carefully and inspect the branches and leaves for them. Also, don’t forget that bagworm larvae need to eat—so if you’re seeing defoliation and other damage on your plants, it could be a sign of an infestation.

Step-2 Application

When applying Sevin spray, make sure to cover the entire plant—the bugs will come in contact with the chemical and then carry it back to their nests as they roam around, killing other organisms on the way. It is important to use a strong stream of water when spraying and make sure your nozzle is set correctly before application—this will help ensure that every nook and cranny is covered.

Afterward, be sure to wash off any excess liquid on or around your plants; pesticides should always be used with safety in mind!


Sevin spray is an effective way to eliminate bagworms on your property and prevent further infestations. However, it’s important to use caution when applying the product and remember that it is a pesticide that can have negative impacts on the environment and other beneficial insects.


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