Best Fertilizer For St Augustine Grass | Unbiased Review

How much do you feel terrible when you find your lawn turning yellow and dull? The situation becomes worse when you find no solution to recover it. You have no idea how to help the grass. Looking at the dull brown leaves and ugly grass is a really heartbreaking condition for you.

Are you thinking about giving up your hard work for several months? Absolutely not. Your plants are like your children.  As you sow them, they become a part of your life. 

Now, you have to think about where you make mistakes. 

Who is the real offender of this problem? What is creating a problem for the healthy growth of your grass? Have you ever noticed the fertilizing needs of your St Augustine grass? Do you fulfill their essential nutrients properly?

No… then it is the great mistake you have made.

If you plant your turf into an infertile land, it bears unhealthy and yellow grass. To avoid all the above problems, you need to fertilize your lawn properly before and after planting grass.

Now the question is what is best for your turf?

Don’t worry! Here in this article, we are going to introduce the best fertilizers for St Augustine grass. You can choose one of them which you find suitable for your grass.

All important details regarding the products also mentioned below to make the selection easy for you.

Let’s start!

Best Fertilizers For St Augustine grass: Comparison Chart

Fertilizer NameTypeNPKLinksImages
Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple ActionGranular29-0-10Check price
Ironite 100519429 Mineral SupplementGranular1-0-1Check price
Ironite Lawn 32 OZ, 5000 SQ FT CoverageSpray7-0-1Check price
Grow. Vite Fast Acting Liquid FertilizerLiquid16-4-2Check price
MYCO+ Super Premium Root InoculantPowder3-0-3Check Price
GreenView Fall Lawn FoodGranular22-0-10Check Price
BioAdvanced 709861F Science-Based SolutionGranules30-0-4Check Price

Best Fertilizers For St Augustine Grass

Like many other types of grass, St Augustine grass also needs proper feeding of iron and other nutrients for good growth. You can provide all the necessary minerals in the form of fertilizers.

But how could you find the right fertilizer for your grass? It could be possible only if you research at a high-level.

Don’t worry! 

We are here to guide you with our experience and research. As a consumer, we advise you on balanced fertilizer that is NPK formulated. Here is the review of the best 5 fertilizers for St Augustine grass.

Let’s move on.

Scotts Turf Builder Southern Triple Action

Here we choose Scotts turf builder at first because it has 3 in 1 formula. It can kill dollarweed and clover, prevent the grass from fire ants, feed the lawn and strengthen the grass as well. 

This brand always provides trusted products that promote natural elements to improve the food needs of your turf. It is helpful for your lawn against heat and drought all the year. The amazing news is that it will work for up to 6 months and there is no need to apply it again and again. 

Always follow the instructions mentioned on the product. It will save your grass from burning and damaging. There is no fear of overfeeding after applying the prescribed amount.

Another impressive thing about this product is that it is very easy to apply on the lawn. Just take a spreader and add the directed amount of fertilizer into the soil in the early season and water it well.

It can be used for Southern grasses like St Augustine, Zoysia grass, Centipede, and Carpet grass.

Note: Don’t apply it after mixing in water. Use it dry in the soil and avoid the branches and leaves. 


  • Easy to use
  • Best for St Augustine grass with triple action formula
  • Fast results
  • Fertilizes to make thick green lawn
  • Can be used for all types of Southern grass
  • Can cover up to 4000 sq. ft


  • Costly product

Ironite 100519429 Mineral Supplement/Fertilizer

Are you facing the problem of dull and yellow grass? Don,t worry! We have the solution. You can apply the recommended supplement for best results. 

To get the healthy and lush green St Augustine grass for your lawn, use Ironite mineral fertilizer. This supplement increases minerals and fulfills the ironic requirements of roots. The great blessing about this product is that it works very fast.

It works magically on the soil as it contains more iron for a deeper green lawn. It is helpful for the grass to get natural nutrients found in the soil. You can see a big difference within 2 to 3 days after application.

Another plus point of this product is that it has a balanced NPK of  1-0-1 that contains all essential minerals and iron. All these elements are helpful for grass to recover from diseases and deficiencies.

It can be used once in a dry form and don,t mix in water. Just pour the packet into the spreader and spread it in the soil. It will last longer. So, don,t stop yourself from buying this great product and make your lawn healthy and attractive this year.

Be quick to place your order.


  • Best mineral supplement
  • Can work on any plant or grass
  • Fast results
  • Remove yellow patches from grass
  • Easy to use and effective
  • Can cover a wide area of grassy lawn


  • Available in a small bag

 Ironite Lawn 32 OZ, 5000 SQ FT Coverage, Ready To Spray

Every gardener wishes to have a beautiful and rich colored lawn. Sounds easy but actually not. Whatever you do for your lawn is not enough. All your efforts depend upon the fertilizer or food that you select for your turf.

Your lawn would die if you don’t feed it with the proper nutrients that it needs. We talk about granularity too much. Now it’s time to introduce the Spray formula that is easy and famous nowadays.

We recommend Ironite Lawn Ready to spray that is very easy to use. You don’t need to measure, no fear of overfeeding, and you are free from many other issues. Just take the product and spray it on the drip line.

It is ready to use without any measurement. It is a slow-released but long-lasting formula. The important thing is that it can cover about 5000Sq feet area easily. It can also be used for lawns, shrubs, flowers, and trees.

Spray this on the lawn before watering. It will start to work gradually but shows desired results. One bottle of Ironate is enough throughout the year. The balanced NPK formula of 7-0-1 will ensure healthy and thick grass for your lawn.

Surely, there is safety for your pets as it has no irritating smell and no extracts in the air. So it may prove the best spray solution for the growth of St Augustine grass ever.


  • Contains all necessary nutrients
  • Simply to apply
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • Create no mess
  • Safe grass from burning
  • No irritating smell


  • Works slowly

Grow More 7549 Vite Fast Acting Liquid Fertilizer

Now our product is based on liquid rather than granular or spray. We recommend this product because it is introduced by trusted manufacturers Grow More. They are always ready to help us to increase the life of plants and grass as they love nature.

So, here we advise Grow more 7549 vite fast-acting liquid fertilizer that contains Vitamin-B, Chelated Iron, Zinc, and manganese.  Actually, it is a  safe way to fertilize grass and it has no side effects.

This is created on the complaints of gardeners as they are worried because of the smell and dangers of other fertilizers. This product is easily inserted inside the soil after mixing up into the water.

It is a Yucca extract soil penetrating action formula. All the inside nutrients will make the grass grow healthy and thick.

Use a hose sprayer to fertilize your St Augustine grass and green up your lawn in 4 to 5 days. 

Good news, you can apply it to flowers, vegetables, and trees also. It is fast-acting foliar fertilizer.

Make sure you have understood the instructions given on the back of the bottle. Always follow them. There is no need to apply it continuously so one gallon is enough for the needs of your lawn.

Apply it only if you feel dull patches on your lawn.


  • Easy to apply
  • Create no heap
  • Safety for pets and children
  • Can make up to 256 gallons
  • No annoying smell
  • Contains natural elements 
  • Fast results


  • Expensive Product

MYCO+ Super- Premium Root Inoculant

Is your grass dying or turning yellow? If yes, you must know the reason behind it. It is due to the lack of nutrients that are essential for grass growth. Typically, this problem starts from the roots of the grass and then spreads towards the top.

 If you ignore it you will have to face a bad condition. So, to avoid such problems we advise you on the latest formula of MYCO. It is an ultra-premium root booster that works great on the grass, trees, flowers, fruits, and every growing element.

Additionally, it is fully soluble in water and can be used for all types of grass and plants. It is also helpful to increase the size and strength of root mass that will improve the quality and health of your lawn.

Your lawn problems become easier with MYCO + Super Premium Root Inoculant. It makes your work easier, faster, and exciting. Moreover, it will make it possible for your lawn to remain rich season after season.

It is specially designed to generate root growth and overall grass health. It will also allow the turf to take up more nutrients. It contains nitrogen 3.0%, potash 3.0%, magnesium0.75%, sulfur 1.5%, and iron 0.5%, these are all essential elements for the growth of roots.

To get the best result always follow the instructions that are printed on the jar for your help.

Wow! You can use it any time.

Do you want to test it? 

Don’t waste your time and place the order…


  • Easy to use
  • Effective in all seasons
  • Water-soluble
  • Works on all types of plants
  • Show fast results
  • Long-lasting results
  • Safe for plants
  • The jar can be resealed


  • Harmful for kids

GreenView Fall Lawn Food Covers 5000 SQ FT

Gardeners or lawn owners preferred to choose GreenView Fall Lawn Food as it is an enhanced efficiency fertilizer for St Augustine grass. It is designed to protect the turf against heat and drought.

It has many other additional features such as speeds up root growth to improve nutrients absorption. It is used in the fall, the best time of the year to feed your lawn. This special formula helps to maintain a thick green lawn.

The Green View product is a combination of both quick and slow-release formulas into one. After two weeks of applying, a lush green lawn will be in front of you. Don,t forget to water enough when you fertilize your turf with this fall lawn food.

Remember that this formula works only on actively grown turf. It has no phosphate but many other necessary nutrients found in it.

It is made up of a 20-0-10 NPK balanced formula that feeds your lawn for up to 8 weeks. Shows magical results in 4 to 6 weeks.

Green View is a trusted manufacturer that always produces nature-friendly products. So, select it to protect your atmosphere.

Note: Don’t spread it by hand. Always use a spreader according to the guideline labeled on the back of the pack.

What are you waiting for?

Place an order and get the product soon…


  • It Covers 5000 sq ft
  • Works on both quick and slow-release formulas
  • Easy to apply
  • Work fast
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Do not control and kill weeds

BioAdvanced 709861F Science-Based Solutions

This advanced formula is not only used for St Augustine grass but also effective for all types of turf. It works magically to improve the health and growth of turf. 

Its Micro-Feed action formula improves the nutrients while feeding the lawn and increases the resistance to heat and drought. It also colonizes the plant roots and unlocks the nutrients already found in the soil.

The amazing plus point of this product is that it is triple action lawn fertilizer. It covers all 3 levels of feeding your lawn. These are grass, soil, and roots. By applying it you can get a green and thicker lawn. It builds the roots stronger, feeds and fortifies the soil properly.

Additionally, This science-based solution ensures 3month protection for your lawn. It improves turf nutrients for up to 3 months. 

If your grass is turning yellow or gets the gray or brown color, Don’t worry!

Say Ta Ta to all these issues and choose the BioAdvanced science-based solution.

You can apply it in summer, spring, and fall. It can treat up to 5000 sq ft area of your lawn. 

Good news! This product will provide you with a complete guiding method of how to use it. 

For best results apply this fertilizer between 50 degrees F to 90 degrees F. If you increase the degree above 90 you may damage your grass.

It contains all necessary nutrients including NPK of 30-0-4. These elements create a more nutritious, resilient root zone environment. It has a 50% of the slow-release formula.

BioAdvanced solution contains 30.0% nitrogen, 4.0% soluble potash, 3.43% sulfur, 3.29% chlorine, 0.1% copper, 2.5% iron, 0.1% manganese, and 0.1% zinc.


  • A simple method of applying
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Triple action formula 
  • Fast results
  • 3-month protection
  • Enhanced micro-feed action


  • It has an expiry date in comparison of other fertilizers

What To Look Before Buying

Selection of the best fertilizer is not an as easy task as you think. This could be a great challenge for many growers. Fertilizers are an essential part of the growth of plants and grass. Each type of grass needs different nutrients according to its climate, size, health, and soil.

Now the question is how would you know about the needs of your turf? 

That’s important but we have a simple answer. It can be possible by proper research.

Do Proper Research

Does your St Augustine grass need nitrogen, iron, potassium, phosphorus, and sulfur? How would you know? The only way to solve all these queries is proper research. What would you focus on during research?

Here are some main points to start research for selecting fertilizer.

  • Test the soil PH
  • Type of turf variety
  • NPK of selected fertilizer
  • Basic food requirements of St Augustine grass
  • Growing season and time of grass
  • Seasonal changings

Keep all these factors in your mind and make your research of top fertilizers successful. Otherwise, you may select the wrong product…

Select What Is Best

Now it’s time to use your wise decision. Select the product wisely that is equally suitable for each kind of St Augustine grass. It is cost-effective as you will apply it to other types of grass. You must be aware of the nutritional requirements of grass according to its growth.

Organic fertilizers are best among compost as they have no harmful chemicals and fragrances. This natural formula has no fear for pets and kids. Though it has slow effects on plants but it’s natural.

The grass will get what you provide. So, it all depends upon you to know properly about the nutritional needs of your turf. 

With the help of correct research, experience, and knowledge, you can make any fertilizer an essential part of your grass life. Experiments with different products are also important. So that you can know which product works best on what variety of grass.

What Is Best For St Augustine Grass

How would you be able to select the best product for your lawn? Do you fertilize the grass blindly?

No, you will not do that if you love your lawn. You need to know about the food requirements of grass so that you will not have to face any difficulty in the selection of fertilizer.

We have learned that Iron is an essential part of grass growth.

Besides iron, nitrogen, potassium, sulfur, and phosphorus are also important parts of plant nutrition. As far as NPK is concerned, you will see the ratio of their ingredients labeled on the pack or container. Their balanced contents show how much the fertilizer is good.

Always check it before purchasing.

  • How Iron Helps Grass

We always like to see lush green grass shining in the sunlight. Do you?

Iron is one of the essential nutrients that makes your grass bright green. An application of iron can restore the St Augustine grass to a healthy and green color. Foliar applications of iron are better than soil applications as it makes the turf fresh, thick, and lush green. It removes yellow patches and refreshes the dull brown color of grass.

Organic iron fertilizer is best and easy to use as it helps your grass without harming it. You can find it in many other fertilizers including other elements.

  • How Nitrogen Helps Grass

It is another necessary element that promotes the healthy growth of the turf by helping it in the production of chlorophyll. 

Spread nitrogen fertilizer on your lawn and water it after spreading. It gives a powerful growing boost and makes the grass grow quickly. It also allows the grass to become deeper green. To keep the grass green you have to water and mow it again and again.

Always use nitrogen-rich fertilizer only on a recommended amount. Excess use of it will burn your lawn completely.

  • How Potassium Helps Grass

If you know the fertilizer formulas, you must be aware of three numbers printed on the bag. They represent the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium of fertilizer. Potassium is the last number in a fertilizer analysis.

Basically, potassium is used to reduce the stress of grass. It is helpful for the grass in shady, drought, cold, and traffic conditions. Many people use potassium-containing products in the fall as it may reduce the damages of cold winter.

The point to be noted is that apply potassium during the growing season of turf. Add a minimal amount of it once the grass has gone inactive.

  • How Sulfur Helps Grass

The primary use of sulfur on your lawn is to reduce the PH level of the soil. High PH level affects the nutrients found in the soil. When we use sulfur as a fertilizer and add it into the soil, bacteria in the soil changes it into sulfuric acid.

This natural reaction slows down the soil PH level and makes it possible for the grass to get needed nutrients. You can apply sulfur on your established lawn.  It is best to use it during fall and spring weather.

As it works naturally, it takes 2 to 3 years to show results. It can also kill insects, fungi, rodents, and mites.

  • How Phosphorus Helps Grass

If you have no soil test, you can use a complete fertilizer of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It keeps your lawn looking lush green, thick, and healthy.

The roots of healthy grass will better absorb the nutrients from the soil. So your grass will grow more quickly and efficiently. Less amount of phosphorus in your soil will damage the grass’s ability to grow and fight against diseases.

But too much phosphorus is also a bad thing. It may turn your healthy lawn into a yard of weeds. So soil testing is important every three to four years to check the phosphorus level.

You can add phosphorus to your lawn by using compost or manure. Both are excellent natural ways to increase phosphorus in required areas.

When And How To Fertilize St Augustine Grass

Now, we are familiar with the fact that each grass has its own food requirements. With the help of these factors, you can manage the fertilizing routine for your lawn. To make it easy for you, each product has labels and guidelines. So, follow them to get desired results.

Some guidelines about fertilizing according to types of grass are listed below. Hopefully, you may get help from them.

Granules Fertilizers: Applying Time And Season

The most popular fertilizers come in the form of granular or powder. Lawn owners have been using this type for many years, as it is easy to use. With the help of a spreader, you can spread it in big areas. It can also be scattered by hand.

The best time to apply it is early spring. You can use this kind of product according to the given instructions. Otherwise, you have to face the problem of overfeeding, which is dangerous for your grass.

It is necessary to water the grass right after applying the fertilizer. The watering routine depends upon the rain factors. As you can increase or decrease water quantity according to it. Remember that if you leave the compost dry, it will not be effective for the roots.

Liquid Fertilizers: Application Time And Season

One of the most favorite grass foods found in liquid form. It is easy to use. But not good for direct applying. It can only be used by mixing in water. It is easily soluble in water.

A large number of manufacturers that are producing liquid solutions have their own measuring guidelines. That will help you how to apply it. Just add a prescribed amount in water and apply it with the help of a hose pipe or a sprayer. Some products provide a spray lid attached to the bottle.

The season of this application is the time when your grass is facing some damaging problems. That occurs usually in summer or late spring. Use it early in the morning, in the absence of sun heat.

Spray Fertilizers: Inserting Time And Season

Sprays work like a supplement that will help the grass to fight against diseases. For St Augustine grass, if you are facing brown patches on the edge of leaves, You spray directly on the affected area as prescribed on the bottle.

Remember that always follow the instructions otherwise you lose your turf completely. Sprays are not a substitute for fertilizers. They can be used only to cure diseases of grass or harmful insects and weeds. The best time to use sprays is the fall season as at that time mostly turf faces problems like weeds, insects, and turning yellow.

Bottom Lines

Now, you are well aware of how to choose the best fertilizer for your St Augustine grass. Though it is a challenging task as there is a bundle of products in the market. That is confusing while selecting the best for your lawn.

However, proper research and correct info will help you to get the best supplement to fulfill the needs of your desired plant.

We have talked clearly about liquid, granules, and sprays. Now it’s up to you, your experience and your turf type, what to select for your lawn. Your wrong choice will make a lot of nuisance. 

So, read all the instructions labeled on the product, carefully before buying any product.

Keep this point in mind that only watering is not enough for the healthy and fast growth of any type of grass. Proper food is also important. So, be active while choosing the best fertilizer for your St. Augustine grass.

Enjoy sitting on a fresh and green lawn. Stay connected and we will be there soon with more exciting product reviews.

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