How To Kill Bermuda Grass In Lawns [4 Best Ways]

Do you imagine what happens if you wake up one morning and look out of your bedroom window?

Become shocked after seeing your lawn. What was the sight?

You see a lot of bermudagrass spreading around your healthy grass and flower beds. Ops! It looks ugly.

What will you do in such a condition?

It is a challenging task to kill unwanted weeds from your favorite lawn. Before controlling it you may also know the reason behind its growth.

How to kill bermuda grass in lawns? There are many ways to kill Bermuda grass on lawns. Though it is difficult to remove bermudagrass as it is fast-growing and leaves bad effects immediately on the other plants. The natural ways are Solarization, cultivation, and choked out the roots. Unnatural ways are Landscaping fabrics, using cardboards, and grass killer spray.

The spray must be of high quality because the low-quality spray will damage other plants as well.

You need some patience, hard work, and attention to do this process of getting out the Bermuda weeds.

There is a misconception about its name that it was coming from Bermuda. But it is wrong.

It was first introduced from Africa, not Bermuda. Later it spread out throughout the United States.

Now it is found out in gardens, lawns, orchards, and the landscape of many countries. It is a warm-weather weed.

If you want to know more about the removal of Bermudagrass, just hold your breath and continue reading…

How To Kill Bermuda Grass In Lawns (4 Best Ways)

Before getting tips to kill bermudagrass, have a look at the reasons for its growing:

  • It flourishes in areas of full, direct sun and well drainage system.
  • It needs heat, salt, and humidity.
  • Warm-season grass
  • It requires high maintenance and nutrients.
  • Its roots stay within 6 inches from the surface.

Now we can feel easy to think about killing bermudagrass.

It is very difficult to control bermudagrass as it is fast-growing and will appear every year in warm seasons. It takes over your lawn quickly.

If you do not take notice of it and make a delay to remove it, it will soon kill most of the grassy weeds. There are many ways to kill bermuda grass but the best way to kill it is to choke it out,  solarize it, or by using a selective fungicide.

There are also some natural methods for removing these unwanted grass as well.

Now we discuss some best ways in detail:

Bermuda Grass Killer

The best way to kill Bermuda grass is Hybercide as it is great in controlling everlasting grassy weeds such as quack and torpedo grass.

Most professionals and homeowners use fungicides for this purpose because it is very tough and tenacious grass to kill. They use grass killer spray, strip off dying turf. Repeat the process to get better results.

Herbicides can vanquish bermudagrass by killing green stems and leaves. But it will not permanently remove Star Grass from your lawn because it has no effect on the stem system. It can just stop the foster growth of Kweek. This process may also be harmful for vegetation so be careful while using it.

Here is a video of Bermuda Grass killing by spray.


Using herbicide is not a permanent solution to this problem. If you want to kill Bermuda grass for the long term you can adopt Solarization as it is helpful in removing such fast-growing grass from the stem. This process has no bad effect on other plants as it is the best natural way.

Usually, this method is adopted in the summer season because at that time there is an abundance of sunlight and soil heat. The sun and heat of soil scorch the grass and that is how they kill the bermudagrass.

Here are some ways that will help you to solarize and kill the grass:

  • Fix the bermudagrass by shearing it above the ground level. This may lessen the growth of grass and make your work easy.
  • Prolong a plastic sheet over the place where you see overgrown Bermuda grass.
  • Put metal sticks or heavy stones to secure the loose sides of plastic sheets on every few meters.
  • Remain these plastic sheets there for a month and a half. This gives too much time for the sun to throw out the ultraviolet rays to kill the bermudagrass.
  • Magnifying solar heat rays may work on clear plastic sheets and you can get rid of invading grass.

Note: You can also use a black sheet but it may take a time period of 2-3 months. Remove the sheet in winter.

This video will help you in removing grass by solarization.

Plug Out weeds Of Bermuda Grass

Another method to get out the bermudagrass from your lawn is to plug out weeds from your garden. You can do it by using the following natural ways:

Using Landscaping Fabric

  • Take a landscaping fabric sheet and stretch it on the affected area of the lawn.
  • Make holes in the sheet to create a place for the wanted grass to grow.
  • Spread a layer of sand over the landscaping fabric for weight.
  • If you don’t have a sheet with holes you can get a fabric sheet and make holes and cuttings so that no new bermuda grass spreads out.

If you are not sure about the covering of the lawn, you must contact a lawn expert.

Using Pieces Of Cardboard

Another effective technique of removing Bermuda grass is the mulching of sheets. You can create barriers from cardboard pieces over the bermudagrass. This may deny the unwanted plants of the sunlight through which it gets photosynthesis.

Step by step guideline of this process is given below:

  1. First, to reduce the thickness of bermudagrass, you have to leave using a lawnmower.
  2. Second, cover the infected area with a half-inch layer of peat.
  3. Now flatten it and take two cardboard boxes to make two thick layers. Stack them together.
  4. Place them at the top of the affected area and make sure they are attached in such a way that they may stop the growth of bermudagrass.
  5. Spray water on cardboard to make them wet and apply them about three inches over the grass.
  6. In the end, you should keep the lawn undisturbed for four months. This is enough time period for bermudagrass to plug out completely.


This is the best method used to kill Bermuda grass as it is best in summer and dry areas because its roots do not properly grow in heat of high temperature.

In this process, you have to plow out your lawn soil about 6 inches deep. By doing this you will come to know that all underground roots have come out. You can leave them to dry and die.

Repeat this process again in a fortnight, until you have surety about killing all the roots of that grass.

How To Kill Bermuda Grass By Vinegar

Do you have vinegar in your kitchen? If yes then it will be very helpful for your lawn. Usually, vinegar is used for cooking and preserving food as well.

But do you know it is also used to kill Bermuda grass? Yes, it is right! It is a natural way of killing unwanted weeds.

Take high-quality vinegar from a store and apply 10% of vinegar solution on the weeds to wipe out them organically.

Always follow the instructions given on the bottle as it is a non-selective natural grass killer. Be careful! It can also destroy your lawn grass with unwanted weeds.

How To Kill Bermuda Grass In Fescue

Do you like challenges? If yes, then it is a great provocation for you to kill Bermuda grass, especially from your fescue lawn without harming it.

Are you ready to complete this dare? Don’t worry! we will help you.

There are two ways to face this difficulty. You can adopt one or the other, but applying both will bring better results.

Will these approaches be helpful? Yes, or No, both possibilities may occur. It depends only on your efforts, attention, hard work, patience, and also the spray, you will use to kill the weeds in the assigned time.

The basic formula to get rid of bermudagrass is to take care of your fescue lawn well to make it happy. By doing this, you leave fewer chances for the growth of extra weeds.

First of all, you should check out the several weed killers but select the best one. Use this garden hose to do your work quickly.

Second, you can seed your turf in the fall season, after the herbicide is completed. In both ways, you can allow your lawn to finish with this grass of cool-season.

How To Kill Bermuda Grass In Flower Beds

You often see Bermuda Weeds creeping in flower beds in the backyard. They are not needed there. As they grow fast, they soon cover up the flowers and wither them.

If you want to save your landscape, you should follow the following steps to get rid of unwanted weeds:

  • Grab the stems of bermudagrass by pulling them towards the direction where they are spreading.
  • Pull out the roots of the stolon and underground growing roots as well.
  • Cut them off from the edge.
  • Pull out the bermudagrass from the end as this is the main way of weed spreading in a flower bed.

If all the above physical methods do not stop growing weeds, we can use grass removal chemical weed.

Spray this natural chemical to kill growing grass until the edges of bermudagrass discourage new growth.

Just adjust the nozzle of the spray and hold it towards the target. This process may minimize the chances of getting harm to other plants.

Homemade Weed Killer


  1. ¼ cup of salt
  2. 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid
  3. 3 cups vinegar
  4. Empty spray bottle

Add three ingredients into the spray bottle and mix it. Label the bottle with the tag weed killer.

It is a very simple process and takes only a few minutes. It is also cheap and money saver as we no need to buy expensive chemicals that will be harmful to our kids.

Apply this liquid only on the affected area because it may also damage other plants.

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Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

How do you kill Bermuda grass without harming other plants?

We can do it in the following ways:

  1. By using solar power
  2. By using your hands
  3. Spray selective herbicide
  4. Treat the grass from spotted stem

What is the best Bermuda grass killer?

The best known weed killer is Roundup. It contains a chemical Glyphosate that is famous for the removal of many grass weeds.

Can we use baking soda to kill Bermuda grass?

If there are crabgrass weeds among Bermuda grass, You can use baking soda to kill them.

Can we kill Bermuda grass by using salt?

No, it is not suitable to use salt to get rid of Bermuda grass as it is already salt tolerant.

how to kill bermuda grass

Final Thoughts

In the end, we can say to sum up that It is a great task to remove Bermudagrass from your lawn as it is fast-growing weeds.

We have also discussed different ways both natural and unnatural to get rid of such weeds. Unnatural ways have some side effects but we give an easy solution for this.

Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to discuss more easy and fast ways to kill bermuda grass from your garden. Because with the passage of time we will discover more worlds of the garden and its care.

If you find this article informative and helpful, share it with your garden lover friend. Maybe it will prove beneficial for him/her.

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