How To Clean Carbon Filter For Grow Room? [Step By Step]

Are you feeling bad for your dusty filter? Will you throw it in water and scrub it? Wait, wait!

Ask yourself, Is it washable or not? Will it stop odor if you wash it thoroughly?

There will be a series of such questions in your mind waiting for answers.

Read this article and know the answer of all your confusions!

How to clean carbon filters for the grow room? There is no way to clean or wash the carbon filter. You can rather replace it or change it with a new one. If you wash it, it will not work longer. However, you can wash pre-filter with water and detergent.

When air passes through a carbon filter, odor particles and other contaminations get trapped in pores of charcoal granules there. So, the air that comes out of it is fresh as well as healthy for plants to intake.

To know more about filter stay with us!

Is It Possible To Clean Or Wash The Carbon Filter

I would say everything is possible! It is also possible to throw the filter in the water tub and put detergent on it. Scrub it for few minutes and then let it dry at some home place or sunlight. But will it work after washed or not?

It will not work as it did previously. The reason is that activated granules inside the filter are compressed. You can’t let them dry in sunlight in this condition. There is only one way to make these dry is to bring these charcoals out of the filter. But it would be a difficult scenario. Imagine if you wash your filter and dry it but are your sure, its 100 percent dry. That’s the main reason for not washing filters as you cant dry the activated charcoals inside it. So,dont try this.! It’s better to replace rather than wash

Can You Clean Carbon Filter Or Wash It

Wait, do you mean just cleaning with soft cloth or washing?

If by cleaning you mean removing dust, you can do it. But dont wash it as carbon granules inside it will get compact after exposing to tap water. They will no more absorb any smell because the pores will get filled with water vapors. So,dont try this washing with the detergent phenomenon. Keep one thing in mind you can remove dust over the sieves or prefilter, but you can not wash it with water.

How To Clean Carbon Pre-filter

Yes, you can clean pre-filter. It is a white coating made up of polyester or sometimes filtering foam. You can wash it under tap water. If it’s too dirty you can use detergent or brush to clean it up. But never try hard bristle brush, it will damage the surface of the filter. After washing, put it under sunlight or dry it with dryer. Dont insert wet pre-filter over the device. In this way, it will not let the air pass through it properly. If your pre-filter is extremely dirty, you can order a new Carbon Pre-Filter 38002.

Pre-filter Is Washable Not Body Inside The Filter

Most of the time growers google washable filters and found products where it is labeled as washable filters. But actually, only pre-filters are washable not the whole body of the filter. So,dont think this as if you can wash and reuse your filter after washing. I met many growers who by mistake washed their filters and make it out of order. They thought that if pre-filter can be washed why not the inner-body. Remember there are carbon granules inside it that will become useless when exposed to water.

How To Tell The Filter Is Not Working

Easy and simple to answer. It works to remove odor. So, if you feel odor even filter is there then alarm bells are rung. Its time to replace your filter. But its non-scientific way more like a guessing game. There are some other clues that can also predict well.

Let’s check out!

  • Charcoal granules smell sweet when they are fresh. After three or four months, if you dont feel that smell, it’s probably the right indication that filter needs to replace
  • Sometimes you can’t make the right guess. Your olfactory lobes have become habitual of smell. So, ask your neighbor or feel about any strange odor near a grow tent. If they say YES, its the right time to go for a change.

how to clean carbon filter

How Long Do Carbon Filter Last In Grow Tent

Before taking about filter life span, let me tell you that it’s not the filter itself that loses its life. Its carbon granules inside that decide whether the filter will last longer or not. These granules absorb odor particles and create a film around their pores. When pores get filled carbon start to compact. When the whole carbon gets compact, the filter will stop working. Typically under ideal conditions, these granules take 12 -24 months to last. But in grow tent were temperate and air circulation is artificially controlled these granules may catch humidity soon and will last sooner than you think.

How Often Should You Change Your Filter

You should replace your filter every 6-12 months. However, it mainly depends on how you use it. The typical life span of activated charcoal is 24 years. But there are factors that can decrease its lifetime. Humidity and temperature increase can make your filters out of order even before 6 months. Under ideal temperature and humidity setting, you can expect it will last longer.

Factors That Affect The Carbon Filter Efficiency

There are a few deciding factors that determine the life span of the filter. Keep all these in your mind if you want to make your filter to work more than your expectation.

Here are the factors!

  • Quality of Carbon Granules: If you are using low-quality granules, your filter is likely to expire soon even before half a year. So, always buy from trusted manufactures. If you are using finely chopped granules than you it will last longer than your expectation. Hard pellets are not good and porous.
  • Types of plants you are growing: Will your filter work for more than a year? It also depends on what type of plants you are cultivating. If your desired crops are aromatic. Filters will have to do a lot of work and will expire soon
  • The density of Carbon: Dense carbon is more spacious but less porous whilst light carbon has wider pores. So, before buying a filter check the density of carbon if mentioned on the label.
  • Humidity; It’s a big concern in rainy areas. During more humidity, water vapors fill the pores of carbon granules too early. To minimize this issue, try to install a dehumidifier in your grow tent.

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Can You Clean And Reused Activated Carbon

Now you know well that the filter itself can not be washed or cleaned properly. But you can reuse and clean activated carbon charcoal in it. Follow the steps below and recycle carbon next time.

  • Put the activated used charcoal on the open place and let it dry completely
  • Pre-heat the oven on 300F and spread granules on the baking sheet.
  • Let the charcoals heat there for up to one hour to remove all impurities
  •  Let the baked carbon to cool and then use it in your filter again

Bottom Line

Now, you know much about how to clean carbon filters in your grow tent, After reading this, you will not do the mistake of throwing your filter in the water tank and rubbing it with brush or detergent. The only way to clean your filter is to replace it when it’s not working. However, you can wash and clean pre-filter. But not the inner mesh. You should know it is filled with carbon granules that will stop working when washed.

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