Do You Need Carbon Filter For Grow Tent? [Answer with Explanation]

Are you struggling with the grow tent odor? Have you tried everything like room freshener or other sprays? Finding no way out!

Who is the actual culprit? When you grow plants indoor, small particles of water plants and fertilizers lingers longer in the area around you. There is ONE & ONLY solution to this odor. That’s a Carbon filter.

Let’s go through this article to learn why you need it!

Do you need a carbon filter for a grow tent? Yes, a carbon filter is an essential requirement for almost all grow tent setups. It helps primarily to remove odor particles and ensures fresh air circulation by removing toxic gases from the growing area. Also, it is helpful in removing allergens as well as toxic chemical extracts produced by fertilizers and sprays.

This filter system is one and the only solution of odor.No other systems can beat this product in an air filtering job. Without this, you can’t get expected results from your crops. Outdoor plants are always exposed to fresh air so they never need this device. However, indoor plants are subjected to grow in restricted artificial conditions where carbon filters are a must thing.

What is a Carbon Filter

As the name itself suggests, it is a device that filters aromatic harmful particles from the air. The activated carbon filter is a trusted technology that treats a wide range of contamination from the air like

  • Odor particles
  • Toxic gases
  • Hazardous fumes

Carbon filters are manufactured with high-quality carbon granules and pellets in durable chemical resistant cases. Actually made up of a large cylinder with a duct-like opening and is filled with granules or pellets. The white color extra protective pre-filter coat is also there to make its inner chamber dust free. These are the only odor control solution for grow room setup whilst other technologies have a really hard time competing with odor. 

Let’s see how it works, next!

How Does Carbon Filter Work

Now you are fully aware of the construction of the filter, It’s time to know how actually it works for a grow tent.

Activated carbon filters work on adsorption principle rather than absorption. In this process, odor particles are pulled from the air and get stuck on the surface of the charcoal’s pores forming a thin film coating. Eventually, all pores get filled completely. Its time to change your filter as charcoal turns compact which may result in no odor removal at all.

The ideal setup for grow tent is to attach extractor after the filter. Air should move from filter then to fan and then outside or circulate inside the tent. The ideal setup allows passive airflow as it is necessary to circulate filtered air back to the plant.

do i need a carbon filter for my grow tent

Why Do You Need a Carbon Filter For Grow Tent

Simply, You need a filter without any why!. It is inevitable for your grow tent setup. Here are more than tens of reasons for having a filter in your grow room but not even a single reason for not having one. So, if you ‘re still doing without this device, you will not get the expected reward from your plants at the end. Go on and install one to make your plants grow happy!

Here are a few alarm bells that will tell you why you need a Carbon filter badly too!

  • Is your grow room stinky?
  • Are your plants not growing well and fading color?
  • Is the area outside the grow room smelly always?
  • Are there people with allergies or respiratory infections living near a grow tent?

Ask these questions to yourself, you will find the answer whether you need a filter or not. Right?

What Does Carbon Filter Do in Grow Tent

Why filter here in every grow tent? What can it do for plants there? Whilst buying filter growers often think more about these questions. Let’s see how a filter can protect your plant as well as the environment around your plantation.

    • It removes odor; Filter is specially designed to stop odor particles in its pores. Now the air that comes out of it is fresh and healthy for plants.
    • It ensures fresh air circulation: If there is no filter only air will circulate through the tent, not fresh air. When fresh air comes out of the filter, fans circulate it and it reaches to plant again and again.
    • It traps dust particles: Because of pre-filter cover, dust particles also get trapped here. In this way, a carbon filter can protect your plant from dust particles. Some filters are even more advanced and can trap harmful allergen extracts too.

Benefits of Carbon Filter For Grow Tent

When you create an artificial environment for plants to grow indoors, you have to consider a lot of factors. In a natural setting, plants tend to emit gases in the open air. But indoor plantations may be troubleshooting if you don’t do enough arrangements to kick off an odor that produces carbon and other gases emission.

  • Carbon filter trap odor particles that are produced as a result of fertilizer, water, or carbon emission during photosynthesis. It not only keeps your internal tent area odor-free but also the external area.
  • It eliminates the smell of sulfide or other harmful extracts of fertilizers also that may cause allergic symptoms in people living nearby
  • Some filters are really more efficient to absorb dust particles with an extra layer of pre-filter. In this way, air quality increases.
  • They are easy to install anywhere outside or inside the tent and even you can hang them underside the roof area of the tent if you don’t have enough space
  • They don’t affect the growth of your plant directly as other methods of cleaning air can. So, they are reliable and easy to handle.
  • They can even last more than a year if you install them correctly and carefully. They are cost-saving devices as they dont need repair or any other spare parts 
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Does Fan Can Do The Job of Carbon Filter

Will a fan be enough or do I still need a carbon filter? Growers often find it a bit confusing. They thought that fans can exhaust odor from a grow tent then why do they need a filter?

Yes, it’s true that fans can do the air circulation job easily. If fans enhance circulation filters boosts air cleaning. The only circulation is not enough, air cleaning is also essential. The filter fan combo ensures the circulation of pure air throughout the tent.

Fans can’t do the job of the filter. Likewise, the filter can’t do the job of the fan. If you go on only with a fan and without a filter, your plants, especially cannibals, will get worse gradually.

Does Carbon filter  Affect The Growth of the Plant

Do carbon filters affect photosynthesis or plant growth? No, there is no direct impact of this device on the crop. However, indirectly, it may affect them. Air quality is the main factor that contributes to plant growth. When you install a carbon filter, it will make the air around the growing area free from chemical odor, carbon particles, and other harmful fertilizer’s gases. Indirectly it will impact your plant health but not directly.

Your plant will consume more carbon daily, that’s not a good thing. Your plant will still grow in its absence but it will not be much happy, indeed!

Editor Tips: How To Clean Carbon Filter For Grow Room? Read it must if you are already using a carbon filter.

How Long Does a Carbon Filter Last

Usually, carbon filters may expire from 6 to 12 months depending on factors like temperature, humidity, setup and many more.

The bad news is that you can’t reuse them after rinsing as it’s not effective. Once they are done up, you will have to replace them and no other solution known so far. However, they expire even before 6 months if your area is too dusty, dry and hot. One more thing is very common when growers install the wrong size of the filter in their grow room, it is likely to expire more quickly. Quality of filter is another key factor to suggest its lifetime. Low-quality filters dont last longer.

List of Top 5 Quality Carbon Filters For Grow Tent

Finally, you have decided to buy one. Wait, think more about the right size and top quality products. We’ve got a list of top-quality filters that you can buy for your grow rooms. Hopefully, you will get expected results and better yield after getting one!

Do You Need a Carbon Filter For Smaller Grow Tents

Are you growing in 2×2 or 3×3 grow tents? Yes, do you still need a carbon filter or not? It’s important to know.

You always need a carbon filter to grow a tent whether you are growing in tiny tents or big ones. The filter has nothing to do with the point that you are growing in a smaller area. Even a single plant indoor intent can produce odor. Though it does not affect plant growth mainly it can affect air quality around you. For this go for small size filters rather than big ones. But before buying, learn how to size carbon filters for your grow tent.

Carbon Filter Risk Factors

Keep these points in your mind to avoid any mishap. The filtering device itself is harmless but few environmental factors can affect it negatively. Also if it is not installed correctly, it may cause problems. Let’s get through points to reduce risk factors attached to your filter!

  • Carbon inside the filter forms compact film due to an increase in humidity. In this scenario, air will not be able to pass through it and odor will return back to the grow room. To avoid this issue you should keep an eye check on the humidity factor.
  • When carbon gets compact, it increases the workload of extraction fans. Fans heat up and may catch fire in extreme conditions. So, it is advised to install a circuit breaker with fans to avoid fire or damage.
  • The use of fertilizers and spray also tends to create thick carbon film that can stop the air to pass through it.
  • Always install a filter that is stronger than a fan. In this way, fan will not heat up due to over-work
  • Don’t set up a filter outside the tent as it can increase the temperature of your room where the tent is placed.

Bottom Line

It’s time to wrap up our discussion: YES, you need a filter badly to grow tent. You can’t move on with your growing projects without this device. It’s easy to install and use. If you take good care of it then it can work more than a year. I would advise you to do more research and read what size of carbon filter for grow tent article well before placing order. I hope now there are no questions remain that do I need a carbon filter in my grow tent or not.

In the end, we love to listen to your experience with a carbon filter. Dont forget to share your story in the comment box.

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