How To Grow Succulents From Seeds | Germination Guide

Though tiny seeds but beautifully grown, succulents have different unique shapes. It is very fascinating and attractive.

Many succulent seeds look like dust and dirt. That is why, we sometimes mistake them for something else.

Typically, they have fleshy leaves that help them to store water. Cacti and Pachycauls also belong to this type of plant.

Today we are going to talk about Succulent. It is famous because of its shapes like Dolphin and Rabbit.

How to grow succulents from seeds? This is the most asking query before planting such plants. Here in this article, you can get everything you want. The process of growing succulents from seeds is much different from other plants.

First you need a high quality of seeds. Plant them into soil deeply but very tiny seeds should not be completely covered by soil. Just sprinkle the sand on them. Take a shallow tray for this purpose. Water them continuously according to needs. But the watering process depends upon the species of succulents. Cover the tray with a lid or plastic cover. This process may take days, weeks, or years according to the type you want to grow.

To know more about this wonderful plant read this article with great interest. Just take a cup of tea, sit in your garden and dive into this great piece of work.

How To Grow Succulents From Seeds

How do you grow succulent seeds? Actually, they are very easy to grow.  You need not do great hard work for it. It is a very beautiful plant. They need low maintenance and are easy to take care of. They have minimal water and feeding requirements.

So, What should you do to get your own successful garden of succulent seeds? Let’s try to discover better ways!

Succulent seeds are tiny and we are going to find out the cheapest way to get lots of plants. It may need your patience.

  • First of all, you should have to buy seeds from some reputable sources. They should be free of dust and dirt. These are the best succulent seeds for your garden.
  • Second, you need some kind of container or seed tray to grow your seeds. You can also use this tray with a glass dome as you need to cover the seeds later.
  • Soil is another important component for better growth of seeds. It should be of high quality. You can use this organic soil for the best results.
  • Be sure about the cleanness of your hands and place before planting. As succulent seeds are very small, they need great care.
  • Fill your container or tray with soil to prepare it for planting.
  •  Wipe down your potting area and hands as you complete the soil process and then open the seeds.
  • Carefully, take your seeds with clean hands and place them on the top of the soil. Because of their smallness, it is difficult to point out the exact place of their planting.
  • Succulent seeds need light to sprout. Good access to water is also essential for them. So, fill the container properly from below.
  • For seed trays, fill the lower portion and let the water absorb in the soil, and then add some more water.
  • The lid on the seed tray will help to reduce the evaporation process, you still need to fill it frequently. So that the soil remains damp.
  • The germination time for each type of succulent is different. You have to watch it until signs of growth will begin to show.
  • When the seeds start sprouting, make sure the flow of air is enough for them. Keep the soil wet and remove the lid of the seed tray.
  • When the plant gets the root system, reduce the water resources. But make the supply of water proper still the root system becomes established.  it is necessary for growth.
  • After planting, place the tray in the sunlight. If you don’t have enough sunlight you can put it under a lamp.
  • A temperature of 70 degrees F is ideal for germination. Keep an eye on them and when they start to sprout, remove the dome.
  • Now move the tray to an area where it can get plenty of light but it should be away from direct sunlight.

Once your seeds start to grow into the plants, you can easily transplant them in a new location.

How To Grow Dolphin Succulents From Seeds

Dolphin Succulents……Interesting name for a plant. Do you want to know why it is called Dolphin Succulent? Don’t worry! We will Explain.

When leaves of a succulent plant develop, they get the shape of a jumping little dolphin. That’s why this plant is called Dolphin Succulent.

Read carefully and learn how to grow this amazing plant and stagger your guest with unique varieties of this plant.

Like other succulents, this type also needs great care and patience. The quality of the seed should be good. You should keep the leaves moist to prevent them from crumpling. You should select a well-draining potting system and the planting pot should be larger than the plant.

Dolphin plants flourish in the trope form.

They look charming as they mix up with other succulents like seashells and sand dollars.

Dolphin plants are novelty plants but are selective about their caring. Their planting requirements are very similar to the parent plants.

Keep them in direct sunlight just like other plants. During the growing season, their average temperature should be 72 degrees F. This plant becomes inactive during winter, so they need the cooler temp around 50-55.

 This plant needs water once per week in the growing season but in drowning season, water it once per month. It has few diseases and fungal problems. We can protect our plants from such infections by watering them properly, using well-draining soil, and a container that will release extra moisture.

How To Grow Bunny Succulents From Seeds

Do you know another unique kind of succulents? Let me give you a hint! It is most adorable among all types and two long narrow leaves straight from round base, just like a pair of rabbit ears.

Oh yes! You are right…That is Bunny Succulent.

They also look fuzzy. Their popularity has been increasing over the past few years because of endearing quality.

First of all, you need the best quality seeds for better results. After getting seeds, sow them on mineral soil in the container. You should cover the big seeds with the soil and leave the small seeds on the surface. Always use well-draining soil to get the perfect plantation in time.

Bunny Succulent is a unique Heterophyllus plant that has the ability to grow more than one type of leaf on the same plant. It has a swollen, above-ground trunk.

After plantain seeds, the first set of leaves appear from the top of the root. Usually, they are attached together and look like some divine force cut them half.

As the plant grows, the second set of leaves begin to appear. Such leaves are cylindrical in shape. The plant begins to sprout from the base and spread into two leaves just like bunny ears. These are covered with cells that give them a furry look. These cells are full of sugar and help the plant retain moisture for the long term.

The bunny succulent starts its growth in winter September to March.

how long does it take to succulent grow

7 Benefits to Grow Succulents at Home

All the plants in your garden or inside your home have many advantages for you. Some of the plants you think of just for decoration but actually, they are rich for nature. Succulents are one of them. You place them in your kitchen, lounge, or corridor for beauty.  Do you know any benefits related to this plant? Right in this article, you may know 7 benefits of this unique plant.

Let’s discuss them:

  • Succulent is a popular houseplant because it can grow in a wide variety of climates. They can thrive at room temperature. They will also increase greenery in your homes and fill it with colors.
  • Succulents have the ability to purify the air. They contain such elements that can remove Volatile Organic Compounds from the air. Plants effuse the water vapors and generate a pumping action. They can pull down the spoiled air to the roots of the plant. Succulents change this infected air into plant food. Hence, we get purified air.
  • As we know that plants emit water, so they can increase the dampness of your house. In this way, you can improve common health complaints such as:
  1. Sore throat
  2. Dry cough
  3. Common cold
  4. Dry and scratchy skin
  • Succulents do not release carbon dioxide like other plants. They produce oxygen continuously. This can make the air fresh and improve your breathing. Of course, you will not be allergic to plants. You need just to place the plant where you want an extra breath of fresh air.
  • 11% of American children face severe issues of less attention. Many types of research prove that regular exposure to nature can be helpful for children to improve their focus. House planting is also one of them.
  • It sounds surprising that the presence of a plant can reduces your pain. It is seen that patients need less pain medication if there is a plant in the hospital or in the room.
  • You can get many benefits while engaging with nature. It is helpful as you walking in the park, growing plants in your home, or even just looking at the photograph of a flora. You will notice an improvement in your memory after spending an hour with nature.

So, it’s a great idea to place the succulent plant in your library or study, or in the office, or even in a room where your children sit for study.

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How to Care for Succulent

Whenever you grow a plant you must have the complete info about that plant. If you don’t have, It will rot soon and will make you unhappy.

It is very important to know how to care for succulents properly. The basic ways are listed below especially for beginners:

  1. Make sure the supply of light is enough for succulent needs.
  2. Water them according to the season and requirements.
  3. Keep succulent and the place where they kept, neat and clean.
  4. Make sure the seeds are free of dust and dirt.
  5. Rotate them frequently
  6. Directly water the soil
  7. Choose the right container or pot.
  8. Plant succulents in the best quality soil.
  9. Try to get rid of Bugs as they destroy your plant soon.

You can get more guidelines from this video.

How Long Does It Take To Succulent Grow

Before planting a plant, you must know the time period of its growing. In this way you can take care of that plant much better.

Do you know the average time period of succulent growing? Well….it depends upon the different kinds of plant, temperature and sunlight. Normally, succulent takes 3 days to a few weeks to grow. But some types take several months or a year to germinate.

Other genres start growing in 2 weeks or 10 to 14 days. After 4 weeks, the seed begins to establish its root structure.

Succulents like Sempervivum take more than one year to produce seeds. Even after collecting seeds they take 3 weeks to a year to bloom. So, let them alone grow in mature Succulents.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the interesting journey of this amazing plant, we can say that it’s an easy plant to grow. Though tiny seeds but beautifully decorated in different shapes.

If you follow the all above instructions about how to grow succulents from seeds? You can get a unique piece of nature for our house.

If you find this article informative, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Leave a comment below if you have any other knowledge about it.

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