How To Turn Yellow Grass Green Fast? [5 Fast Ways+8 Main Causes]

Is your garden turning yellow? Oops! It is an awkward situation that you have to face due to your carelessness.

Nobody will like to sit on a lawn full of yellow grass or brown patches. Where there is grass, there is greenery. Probably green color is the key factor to make grassy patches attractive for visitors to sit and relax on the lawn. How‘ll you enjoy a cup of tea on your lawn if it turns yellow? Start thinking about it before it’s too late!

Read this article with full attention if you’re thinking about settling this yellowing as soon as possible!

The problem is how to turn yellow grass green fast? There are five easy ways through which we can easily make our lawn green and fresh again. These are reseeded urine spots, water routine, fertilizing in the proper way, treating lawn diseases like fungus and insect infections, and trimming.

Before solving the above question, we should know about the reasons behind this problem.It’s better to test soil quality before any kind of plantation.

Keep going to read the underlying reasons for this problem!

Why Grass Turn Yellow (8 Reasons)

When you see a garden full of yellow grass, it looks very dirty and makes you unhappy. If your garden is facing such a problem it is the time to be worried. First of all, you must be aware of the reasons behind the grass turning yellow. There are different reasons for yellow grass in separate climates. Let’s discuss some of them:

Top 8 Reasons For Grass Yellowing:

The most common reason for the lawn becoming yellow or brown is that there is a lack of something in the soil. Which makes your garden sick. The related reasons are discussed below:

1.   Overwatering

The main reason behind yellow grass is overwatering. It may cause your grassroots to have bad or slow development. Too much water stops the supply of oxygen in the soil as water starts logging in it. The roots of the grass will become shallow and they will also suffer from poor consumption of oxygen, supplements, and water. It may cause the lawn to start turning yellow.

Fungal diseases and insects infestation also occur due to excessive use of water. Just remember, enough use of water and nitrogen will help your garden to resist disease attack.

If the roots are suffocated with water, there will be no possibility to feed your garden in better ways and you will see the signs of thinning and discoloration in leaf blades.

2.   Lack of Sunlight

Sunlight is the main source of grass growth and nutrients. The amount of the sun depends upon the kind of grass which you want to grow. But mostly grasses like the sun. Even the grass that grows in shade also handle the sunlight

You must be sure that your lawn gets enough sunlight that is the assurity of your success. Whenever you walk in your garden you noticed that the grass growing in the shade shows yellow or brown patches on your footsteps. But the lawn in sunlight looks green and fresh.

Grass becomes awkward and thin in limited sunlight. It is unable to store food. On the other hand, grass grown in sunlight easily stressed by problems of drought, heat, freezing temperature, and waterlogging.

However, if your lawn is shaded, you can improve your garden by planting shade-tolerant kinds of grass and by increasing light sources with regular care.

3.   Bad Soil Quality

Soil plays a very important part in the growth of grass. The quality of soil tells you the number of nutrients that your lawn receives from it. So it is necessary to check the quality of the soil before planting grass in your garden. You have to test the soil every three to five years. You must know which kind of food your grass is lacking and whether any kind of supplement has reached its highest level.

Bad quality soil is very dangerous for your lawn. If you want to get a reward for your efforts that you have done for your lawn, you have to use high-quality soil. So, don,t to think about saving money, just take care of your garden. You can use the Soil Testing Kit to check its quality.

4.   Over Fertilization

Fertilizers are the heart and soul of Greenland. But we can use everything in balance. Excess of anything is dangerous not only for us but also for plants and grass.

Too much use of fertilizers may cause the burn of your grass especially synthetic fertilizers. You can notice your lawn turning yellow or brown clearly after using fertilizers in great quantity.

That’s why you must have to know the actual amount which is better for your grass. Usually, synthetic fertilizers contain excess nitrogen salts in it. That will burn your

turfgrass completely. There are three main signs show on grass after over-fertilization:

  • Leaf-blades start yellowing at the base
  • Grass blades become brown at the top
  • Fertilizer layers appear on the soil surface

Sometimes, we use extra fertilizers to make our lawn thick and deep. But we don’t have any idea about the destruction made by it. If you want to do so, you have to take organic fertilizers that will not harm your lawn such asEspoma

5.   Lawn Diseases

There are some lawn diseases that turn your grass in yellow or brown patches. Diseases like Fungus and Dollar Spot show the signs of yellowing leaves.

Yellowing leaf blades follow the excessive rain and frost burn during winter but it may not kill the grass. However, treatment is necessary to stop the grass from discoloring.

To make your lawn beautiful and attractive, you must be aware of its problems and diseases, and solutions also. If you find any confusion contact your gardener he will guide you in a better way.

Here is an informative video about the treatment of fungus and dollar spot.

6.   Lake Of Nutrients

If you see yellow spots and stripes on your lawn grass, it is an alarming sign. It means that your lawn is suffering from a lack of nutrients. If you miss a place in your garden to apply any fertilizer, you will notice some yellow or fluorescent patches on the leaf blades while the other parts of the grass look green and thicker and grow fast.

So, it is very important to provide proper supplements such as calcium, nitrogen, and iron. You can get all these minerals by choosing a suitable fertilizer for your lawn. An online garden center or local centers will be helpful for you.

Another important thing… must be aware of the quantity of fertilizer that you can add to your garden.

7.   Dog Urine Spots

Mostly, we leave our dog in a garden or lawn to play. Usually, it pees in the garden, and if you notice that places where it pee, you can see yellow spots all the places on the lawn.

Naturally, dog urine contains high nitrogen compounds. You will see that the grass starts burning because of such elements found in urine.

The burning of grass is the first of its destruction. Your lawn turns yellow and starts to die.

8.   Slip and Slide Yellow Spots

Often, you left your slides outside in the garden. When you slip them aside, you notice some yellow patches in a round or rectangular shape. It is also because of child blast running on the lawn.

You can not put your slip and slide inside the home and you also want to avoid the damages to your lawn. There is no need to remove them from the garden. This may bring sadness to them. Here is the solution…Make a clear part in the side corner of the lawn for slides and the remaining ground fill with grass. It looks beautiful and also makes your kids happy.

Stop your child to run fast on the grass. Don’t use fertilizers before refresh your lawn.

How To Turn Yellow Grass Green Fast (5 Ways)

Usually, we have an unattractive yellow lawn during summer. This is due to different problems that a lawn has to face. There are many issues related to the discoloring of grass such as over-fertilization, excessive use of water, pet urine, and many others.

But, do you know the solution to these problems?

Have you any idea How to turn yellow grass green fast? Don’t worry! Here in this article, we will discuss all possible ways which can help you to make your grass fresh and healthy.

5 Ways To Make Grass Yellow To Green

When you have found out the problems in your garden, you have to know about the solutions for them. There are five ways usually use to turn yellow grass green. Let’s read them carefully and follow them to make your lawn attractive and beautiful:

1.   Reseed Urine Spots

You often notice pet pee spots in your garden. This may create a big problem for your garden. If you do not take action soon against it, it will bring severe damages to your lawn. The grass will stop to grow and become dead.

So, to prevent such a problem you have to follow your pet on the lawn and apply neutralizer immediately after the pet pee.

Here is an alteration to avoid this issue. To get rid of yellow and dying spots in your garden, you can reseed your lawn. It means wherever you find yellow or brown patches, apply new seeds and fertilizers at that place. A fresh and new garden is ready for you.

Use lawn energizer that contains iron and nitrogen helpful for all types of grass.

2.   Adjust Watering Routine

If you leave your water pipe open with running water in the garden, you will see that your grass starts changing color. It’s mean too much water can damage your lawn. You also notice yellow or brown batches when there is a lot of rain.

Water the garden only when the grass needs it. Stop watering after the rain for some time until the rainwater resumes.

There are some tips to water your lawn:

  • When the topsoil is dry about 2 inches, water it.
  • Make sure that the amount of water is according to the maintenance of grass.
  • Most lawns become healthy after watering 2 to 3 times a week. Reduce it when you see the grass turning yellow.

Different types of grass need water in change quantity. So, you must have the knowledge about the grass you plant in your garden.

3.   Fertilize Lawn According To Needs

When you notice your grass turning yellow after fertilization, it is because of the excessive use of fertilizers. If you want to prevent your lawn from burning, you should follow these instructions while fertilization:

  • Test your soil and bring the fertilizer with the right amount.
  • Add fertilizers according to the instructions given on the label.
  • Give your lawn fertilizers to make proper deficiency of nutrients that will help yellow grass turning green.

There is an alternative way to avoid brown patches as you can use organic fertilizers in place of synthetic.

4.   Treat Lawn Diseases

There are many diseases that cause the burning of your lawn. It also slows down the speed of your grass growth. If you want to turn grass green again, treat fungal infections as well as other diseases immediately when you notice symptoms of yellow patches.

Most diseases and infections are caused by dampness. So you need to treat your garden right after winter because all kinds of fungus develop during frost days.

So, by killing them you can get green grass fast.

5.   Trim With Sharper Blades

Do you see your lawn turn yellow after trimming in spring or autumn? If yes… Then your cutting blade has a problem with it. They are dull and unsharpened.

Dull blades do not cut the grass blades properly and leave their edges open. In this way, diseases attack them and make them yellow.

There are two ways to handle it:

  • The first is to sharpen your mower blades.
  • Second, mow from highest to the lower part than the last trim and allow the new shoot to come out.

How To Fix And Prevent A Yellow Lawn

Do you want to know more ways to get rid of yellow grass? Here are some other tips to get your lawn back to green. Let’s read them!

  • Improve the drainage system of your garden so that there will be no waterlogging in it.
  • Clean up all fallen leaves and extra grass clippings.
  • Fertilizer according to instructions and watch weeds that will exhaust your garden.
  • Thin out your trees so that enough sunlight gets access to your lawn properly.
  • Trim the grass only when you find it dry.
  • Keep in contact with professional lawn care services that can help you to maintain your lawn in a proper way.
turn yellow grass green

Final Thoughts

We’re moving at end of this informative article about how to turn yellow grass green fast? We can sum up by saying that greenery makes our house, parks and other places attractive to visitors. Green color brings a cool sensation. But if the grass burns or has yellow patches, it looks dirty and ugly.

So to avoid such a situation we must follow the above instructions that will be helpful to get our lawn again in proper condition.

If you know anything else about it or you get to benefit from this piece of work, just leave a comment and share it with your friends.

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