Best Fertilizers For Citrus Trees | [21 Products Analyzed]

How bad does it feel when your plant looks sad and gloomy?
But you know nothing how to make it lavish green and grow happily! Yellowish- dry branches and leaves can truly bring tears in your eyes if you love your plant like a best friend!

Despite hard work, your plant is still like that sick and frail! Where did you make a mistake? Who is the real culprit of this problem? What is stopping your citrus to grow well?
You sow it, prepare the soil for it, water it, take care of it then what happened? Have you ever thought of fertilizing your crop?
No, then mistake starts from here. Constant plantation decreases the fertility of the soil. When you sow seeds in this infertile land, it bears unhealthy plants. For this, you need something extra like fertilizer.

Here’s a list of top six best fertilizers for citrus trees that we’ve tested in our nursery on different varieties. You can choose anyone that is suitable for your citrus type. To get a healthy harvest, don’t skip fertilizers as it is essential to enhance plant growth.

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Quick Look: Best Fertilizers For Citrus Trees

Like other fruit trees, citrus also requires a good combination of nutrients in the form of fertilizer to grow well. Finding the perfect fit for your plant requires high-level research. This is why we are here to assist you with our research and expert opinion.

As a consumer, we’d recommend you balanced NPK formula fertilizer. We have been working for years on citrus gardening to separate out the best for you. Here’s the review of the top 6 fertilizers for the citrus tree.

Without wasting your time, let’s move on towards reviews of top products!


Miracle-gro Citrus Fertilizer

Top Pick

Miracle-gro Citrus Fertilizer

Miracle-gro Citrus Fertilizer

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Our first choice is Miracle-gro shake’n feed plant food because it can serve both as fruit plus fertilizer. Products from this brand are always trusted one that promote natural ingredients to improve common food deficiencies. It can be used for existing plants and seedlings.

It contains ingredients like potassium, sulfur, magnesium, and iron in a balanced proportion to boost plant growth and fruit taste. The good news is that you need not apply it again and again. It will work for up to 3 months. If you follow the prescribed amount, there is no fear of overfeeding and burning to your plant.

One more thing that is very convenient in this product is how easy it is to apply. What you need to do is just to shake its directed amount on the soil along the drip line early in the season and water it well. For container citrus, shake it in the soil at the time of seedling.and water it
Note; Don’t pre-mix it with water, apply dry. Avoid direct contact with branches or leaves.

Did I tell you it’s good for avocado and mango trees too? That is just a big plus point of this nutrient-mixed citrus fertilizer.

what we love

  • Easy to pour
  • Measuring scoop is inside the packing
  • Best for citrus trees with high nitrogen ingredient
  • Fast results
  • Can be used for other fruit trees like avocado

what could be better

  • Costly product


J R Peters Citrus Food Fertilizer

Budget Pick

J R Peters Citrus Food Fertilizer

J R Peters Citrus Food Fertilizer

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To get the best harvest of your tree, use trusted JR Peters brand fertilizer. This citrus formula enhances nutrient uptake through both roots and leaves. It’s a great blessing for a variety of tropical citrus varieties like Meyer lemon, dwarf lemon variety, limes, oranges, grapefruits, mangos, kumquats.

Are your tree leaves fading in color? Worry no more, micronutrients in JB Peter’s formula will ensure vibrant green leaves in no time. The branches will grow more stable and sturdier than before. Your tree would bear more fruits than you expected!

Coming to soil quality, it works magically to regenerate microbes. Also, it includes Magnesium,

Sulfur, Boron, Iron, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, etc with the plus point of balanced NPK of 20-10-20.All of these essential nutrients help the plant to recover fast from diseases and deficiencies.

This fertilizer is sold in a plastic tub that can be sealed again. You can use it both as a spray or mixed with water in the soil. For everyday use, just pour one scoop of fertilizer in a gallon of water. The best way is to apply it after every  7 -8 days mixed with water.

It will last beyond your expectation. So, don’t stop yourself from enjoying yummy citrus this year!

Order it and make your tree grow high and healthy!

what we love

  • Additional micronutrients to enhance plant growth
  • Can be applied for a wide range of fruit plants
  • Last for more than one season
  • Can be used as a spray or pour in soil
  • Simple and effective

what could be better

  • Available in very small size tub


Jobe’s Organics Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

Jobe's Organics Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

Jobe’s Organics Citrus Fertilizer Spikes

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Every fruit lover desires to get a good harvest out of their trees all year long. However, it is not as easy as it seemed to be! Whatever you may do for your plant is not enough unless you fertilize it in a proper way. Despite all care, your plant could die off if you don’t feed it with a proper diet. We talked too much about liquid and water-soluble granules formation of fertilizer.
Now it’s time to introduce something new to your plant in the form of spikes.

This product is super-easy to use. You don’t need to measure scoops, worried about overfeeding, and other issues. These are pre-measured products and ready to use without any further measurements. These spikes are designed on slow-release but long-lasting formulas.
To insert these spikes all you need to know is to measure the drip line.

After this, gently insert these along the drip line in the soil. When you water the plant this formula will start to react gradually. Even one spike is enough throughout the season. The NPK formula ratio of 8-11-11 will ensure more fruits with more taste!

Ideally, your pets would be safe. No smell, no mess, and no extracts in the air. That’s perhaps the most desirable advantage of these spikes for every grower.

what we love

  • Contains nutrients other than NPK
  • Odorless
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • Create no mess
  • Super easy to use

what could be better

  • Takes time to show results


Miracle-Gro Fruit Citrus Plant Food Spikes

Miracle-Gro Fruit Citrus Plant Food Spikes

Miracle-Gro Fruit Citrus Plant Food Spikes

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Again our recommended product contains spikes rather than liquid or granules. We would advise this product as it comes from the most trusted manufacturers of Miracle-Gro who love nature.
Spikes are actually a new safe way to fertilize plants that are usually based on a slow-release formula.
Gardeners often complain of fertilizer odor and its dangers for pets. This product is ideal without any smell and threat to pets. It is inserted inside the soil along the drip line of plants.

Nutrients enclosed inside the spikes will release gradually and your plant will grow well.
Make sure to insert these spikes when the ground is wet. It does not require continuous application or insertion. Increase the dosage from 1 to 2 spikes in the fall as plants need more energy to bear fruit in spring. Every spike must be at a distance of 3 feet from another.

Good news, you can use them for flowering shrubs as well as palm trees. What else you need then. Quick and grab one pack contains 12 pieces. Wow!

what we love

  • 100%natural ingredients
  • Safe for pets and kids
  • Odor-free
  • Super easy to apply
  • Creates no mess

what could be better

  • Enhance plant growth Slowly


Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray

Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray

Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray

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Are your citrus tree leaves getting yellow? If yes, what might be the reason? It is due to certain deficiencies of nutrients that make leaves grow yellow and dry in fruit season. This problem typically starts from the top edge of leaves then spreads to all foliage. If not treated on may get worse.

This Southern Citrus Spray is designed as a supplement formula. It contains ingredients like Iron 1.2%, Zinc 1.7%, Manganese 1.2%, Magnesium 1.0% and Sulfur 4.1%..That will help plants to recover fast from deficiencies and illnesses. All these ingredients will stimulate chlorophyll and the plant will regenerate its leaves.

As the name suggests, it’s a spray. So, you can mix one tablespoon of liquid to one-gallon water and spray it on affected leaves directly. But keep the PH of soil in mind. Sometimes, the main culprit is PH, not other deficiencies. If your plant is not showing any sign of yellowish leaves, you can still apply it once in a year to avoid deficiencies

Take a few precautions while spraying this liquid. Don’t apply it to the painted area as it may cause a stain. Similarly,don’t mix it with other fertilizers as it’s highly prohibited. Though it’s a kind of supplement but it does the work of fertilizer. So, if you feel the need, fertilize your plant well before this spray.

what we love

  • Easy to use
  • Show results too fast
  • Effective for rainy areas
  • Cost-effective and last longer

what could be better

  • Cause bad stain on the painted surface


Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer

Jobe’s Organics Fruit & Citrus Fertilizer

Southern Ag Citrus Nutritional Spray

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Grower’s preferred choice is Jobe’s fertilizer as it is 100 percent organic and chemical-free. It is designed to work on a fast release formula and it’s more potent on citrus trees. What’s a unique feature of this product is traces of biozome that help to break down nutrients rapidly. So, the plant can get rapid energy to grow faster.

An additional feature of Biozome helps plants to fight against insects, diseases, and drought. These are actually Mycorrhizal fungi and archaea that act as a pesticide as well as a nutritional supplement. Bad tithing is that it’s too smelly. To get expected results, apply these granules after every 2 to 3 weeks.

Another plus point is that it is USDA certified and with few measures you can use it for potted plants also. It works basically to increase soil quality. By doing this, it improves citrus growth indirectly. Jobe is a group of trusted eco-friendly manufacturers who always produce what is good for nature. So, use it and protect your environment.

what we love

  • Works on fast release formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Protect the plant from insects and diseases

what could be better

  • Its odor takes one hour to last

What To Look Before Buying Fruit fertilizer

Selecting fertilizer for your citrus is not an easy task as one may think. This could be really confusing for many growers. It is still essential to fertilize each fruit tree accordingly. Even two trees of one fruit may have different nutritional needs. Each fruit type may require different nutrition according to its size, health, and soil. How to know what your plant needs? Important query, but simple to answer. By doing proper research, you can choose the best:

Do Proper Research

Does your citrus need nitrogen, potassium, magnesium, or sulfur? How would you judge this? The only way is to do proper research. know the variety you are going to harvest and type of soil in your area. What should be the main focus of your research?

Here are the simple bullet points:

  • Test the Soil Ph
  • Type of citrus variety
  • Humidity in atmosphere
  • NPK wrote on the fertilizer bag
  • Basic Nutritional requirement of Citrus
  • Fruit-bearing time and season
  • Seasonal changes

By keeping all these deciding factors in your mind, your research for top quality fertilizer will succeed. Otherwise, you may choose the wrong product!

Select What is best

Select wisely the product that is a good fit for more than one citrus variety. Maybe there would be diverse lime trees in your garden. So, think about the all-in-one option as it will be cost-effective. Though it’s good to understand each tree’s nutritional requirement according to its growth.

What’s best in compost is an organic one. It’s free from harmful chemicals and odor. For natural formula, you need not fear about pets and kids. Though organic compost affects your plant slowly but at least naturally.

The tree will get what you feed it. It’s up to you to know well about the nutritional requirement of your tree. With research, knowledge, and experience, you can make any compost a regular part of your citrus life. Only knowledge is not enough, try experimenting with different products by separating certain trees to find out which fertilizer works best on what variety.

What Kind of Fertilizers is Preferable for Citrus

How to tell whether any compost is the best fit for your citrus or not? For this, you should know what is the perfect combination of different ingredients each fertilizer must-have. Let me tell you here that citrus needs high nitrogen content. Besides nitrogen, this tree also needs potassium and phosphorus. NPK defines the quality of your fertilizer that is written on the label on the box. 

Check how NPK and other ingredients help your citrus to grow well

Why Citrus need Nitrogen(N)

Won’t you love vibrant green leaves of foliage swaying in the breeze? Indeed, everyone would love to get a healthy harvest. But it’s possible only if you include nitrogen as an essential element for a plant diet. Because of this nitrogen presence,photosynthesis is possible. Without it, there will be no leaf formation or growth in your plants. When leaves will not grow healthy, it will not bear flowers and fruits.

Nitrogen is a basic component of almost all fertilizers especially organic ones. Make sure that your selected one should be higher in nitrogen than other elements. However, it does not mean that only nitrogen contributes 100 percent of the diet. Though its percentage is high yet plant requires other ingredients for nutrition as well 

Why Citrus need Potassium(K)

So far, we know well that nitrogen is necessary to bring lush green leaves foliage. Similarly, Potassium is essential to make your fruit bigger, tastier, and colorful. It also helps plants in quick recovery from unexpected weather conditions like drought, rainfall, fog, and cold.

Water and sugar uptake from roots is only possible due to potassium. It enhances root growth and efficiency to distribute nutrients above in the plant. When mixed with nitrogen and sulfur, it also helps to keep the plant upright as well as sturdy in position.

Why Citrus need Phosphorus(P)

What’s great about phosphorus is that it enhances chlorophyll to capture light for photosynthesis. It not only captures sunlight but also transfers it into energy to boost plant growth. So, without this component, plants would not be able to make food for themselves. Also, it helps in fruit formation, seed growth, and flower formation.

It provides natural immunity to citrus to fight against diseases. Yellowing of leaves and drying leaves are few common plant diseases due to its deficiency. However, it always needs to work in combination with nitrogen and potassium.

Other Essential Nutrients that Fertilizer Must have

Besides NPK, plants also need traces of other elements like microbes, zinc, iron, magnesium, and calcium.Citrus fruit also need traces of these elements. So, make sure before choosing fertilizer it should provide the best mixture of all these nutrients ingredients. It’s good to go for compost that works both as a dietary supplement and fertilizer for your plant.

How and When to Fertilize your Citrus Trees

We are fully aware of this fact that each tree has its specific nutritional requirements. Keeping this fact in mind, you can prepare a fertilizing plan for your garden. All of the products have labels and guidelines. So, do follow them to get expected results. Here are few guidelines depending on fertilizer type that will help you to avoid overfeeding

Granules Fertilizer, Application Time and Season

The most popular form of fertilizer comes in granular shape or powder form. For many years, growers have been using this type as it is easy to spread in big areas. You just need to spread the prescribed amount with hands randomly on the ground.

In the case of citrus, start one application in the fall to prepare your plant for spring. You can use it according to instructions on the menu. Overfeeding is dangerous. Make sure to pour these granules along the drip line. To avoid wastage, mark the line on the ground and then start the process

It is compulsory to water the plant right after its application. Depending on the rain factor, you can increase or decrease watering. Remember dry compost will not be effective as it may not reach roots of plants.

Spike Fertilizer, Insertion Time and Season

One of the most favorite compost comes in the form of a spike. It’s really simple to use. What you need to do is to insert them along the drip line under the soil. Remember to keep a distance of 3 feet between two spikes. Water it well after it’s done.

That’s all simple!

One more thing that is very convenient about spikes is that you need not apply it again and again. They are sufficient to release energy throughout the year, You can apply it after fall or during fruit season once or twice. Safest to use and odor-free, nature-friendly product.

Isn’t it?

Liquid Fertilizers, Application Time and Season

Mostly, soluble in water but not good for direct application. A large number of brands are producing these fertilizers with their own measurement and guidelines. But all of them are used with water. First, pour the required amount of liquid in water and then apply it along the drip line.

The recommended amount is one or two ounces per gallon for citrus. Pour this water along the drip line and then see the results. Dripline determines the position of the root. So, it’s always recommended to mark it before applying any fertilizer type.

Depending on the fruit season, soil quality, and labeled instruction, you can increase or decrease this fertilizer application. You can even use it with daily watering. However, it’s good to apply it after every 7 to 8 days. One more thing, all liquid fertilizers are not meant to spray. So, read instructions fully and then use them in a spray bottle.

Sprays, Time & Season

Sprays work more like a dietary supplement to help the plant recover from diseases. For citrus, if you are facing leaf- yellowing, you can apply the spray directly as prescribed on the label. Remember sprays are not substitutes for fertilizers. They are only meant for lowering the effect of certain deficiencies. The best time for the spray is to apply it in the fruit season after the fall.

Bttom Line

Bye for now now, you know well how to choose the best fertilizer for your citrus trees. Though it’s a bit tricky. However, with proper research and knowledge, you can select one that fits the right needs of your desired plant.

We’ve talked much about spikes, granules, liquid, and sprays. It’s up to you and your plant type what you prefer most. Choosing the wrong one may result in a lot of hassle. So, read well the instructions above the label before buying any product.

Remember only watering is not enough to bear a healthy harvest. So, go on and choose one that’s a good fit for your citrus tree. 

Enjoy yummy citrus this year! Bye for now, but soon we’ll get in touch with more exciting product reviews.

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