Is Sevin Dust Organic? (Truth U Don’t Know)

Last month, I woke up one morning and went out into my garden for fresh air. The sight made me shocked and I didn’t believe in my eyes. Many of the plants were rotten badly and a number of tomato worms were walking freely on my plants.

I used Sevin Dust and soon I saw my garden cleared of all harmful insects. Here comes a question in many gardeners’ minds. Is Sevin Dust organic?

It is the most asking query that we are going to solve.

Generally, It is not organic. It is made up of a compound that is known as Carbaryl. It is effective for killing a number of insects that are found in lawns and gardens. On one side it is an insect killer, on the other hand, it is also harmful to pets and human beings. No doubt, it is not organic, but useful in comparison to other pesticides.

We never recommend using it inside your home or garage because it may infect your skin and create inhaling problems.

It damages insects’ nervous systems and makes it difficult for them to breathe freely. As a result, they die immediately. This post has a lot of informative points that will help you to understand in a better way.

Is Sevin Dust Organic

Many gardeners like to use pesticides that are natural or organic because such pesticides are less harmful and more effective.

If you choose Sevin Dust for your garden, you must be aware of the reality of whether it is organic or not?

At first, try to understand what is organic? Basically organic means something natural or biological. It is derived from a seam, plant, and earth. Now jump towards the answer. Generally speaking, Sevin Dust is not organic because it has the chemical Carbaryl that is also harmful to beneficial insects.

It is clear that Sevin Dust is not organic but the reality is that it is more beneficial than other pesticides as it works as soon as the insect has contact with it.  

Keep in mind that it will not be suitable for each plant and garden. Be careful before selecting it and read the instructions and ingredients.

What Sevin Dust Is

For lawn owners and gardeners, it’s essential to know about the pesticide that they choose for their plants. Without it, it’s difficult for them to get the desired result by using that pesticide.

Similarly, if you are planning to apply Sevin Dust to killing harmful insects, you must know What actually Sevin Dust is?

Sevin Dust is one of the most popular products that are used to get rid of pests. It is found in powder form that is easy to use and safe. It has a deadly mixture called Carbaryl that kills a number of species of insects found in gardens and lawns.

Usually, it is recommended to apply outdoors because it is dangerous to spread the powder inside like garage and home. If you put it inside your home, it will infect your skin as you touch it or you may feel difficulty breathing as soon as you inhale the powder through breath.

It is also dangerous for pets and kids. So avoid sprinkling it for indoor purposes.

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Main Features of Sevin Dust

Sevin Dust is considered one of the simplest pesticides regarding its ingredients and method to use.

There are some main features of Sevin Dust that make it prominent among other insects’ killers and pesticides.

The main and most working element of Sevin Dust is Carbaryl which proves deadly for killing insects. There is 5% of this chemical found in Sevin Dust.

It is best because it is found in a form that can be used directly. It is ready to use and there is no need to go through the process of making a mixture. You don’t have to worry about measurements.

Just take the dust and sprinkle it on the infected area. Another interesting feature of Sevin Dust is that it is easy to open. The bottle is designed in a simple way that you can open it in a second. After applying, it can easily be closed and you can save it from dropping down.

is sevin dust considered organic

5 Key Benefits of Sevin Dust

No doubt each insect killer or pesticide has its positive and negative aspects. These pesticides not only remove existing insects but also keep them away from your garden and plants.

Similarly, Sevin Dust works best as an insect killer. If you are going to try it in your lawn, you must know about the benefits. Let’s read them:

Help To Kill Insects

The first and foremost benefit of Sevin Dust is that it is a big source of killing insects. It proves deadly for about 65 insects and stops them to spread on your lawn.

When you feel a need to get rid of pests like beetles, mites, bugs, worms, and ants, just take Sevin Dust and spread it on the area where you find them.

It is helpful to get an insect-free lawn.

Keep Your Plants safe

Along with killing insects or pests, it is beneficial to keep your lawn and plants safe. Positively it will not harm your plants and their organ. You can get vegetables and fruits without any bad effects.

It will not damage your plants and its product. Safely, you can get fresh, healthy, and chemical-free fruits and vegetables.

Reduce Time For Garden Care

We know that your time is very precious. To save your time and money, we recommend you apply Sevin Dust to your plants to remove harmful insects.


The reason behind it is very simple. Sevin Dust is found in powder form. It is ready to use. It means you don’t need to make a mixture before applying it. So, it is beneficial to reduce the time for garden maintenance and do its work so quickly.

Simple To Use

Amazingly, Sevin Dust is considered one of the best pesticides because it is very simple to use. There are not a number of rules to follow or instructions that you have to understand before using it.

Just spread the dust on the places where you find the infection. You can do it easily according to the simple instructions mentioned on the product.

Safe For Environment

This is the big advantage that we can get from Sevin Dust. Despite other pesticides, it is not harmful to the climate.

It doesn’t leave any harmful and dangerous effects on your atmosphere. It is safe because it will disappear itself after a few days or weeks.

3 Natural Substitutes of Sevin Dust

It is clear from the above discussion that Sevin Dust is not natural. Many gardeners like to use natural resources to maintain their gardens. For them, there are some alternatives that they can use instead of Sevin Dust to kill dangerous insects.

Let’s have a look at them:

Natural Soap And Water

It is a very easy and cheap natural way to get rid of pests in your garden. Take a soap that has fewer chemicals in it. Mix it with water and make a liquid from it. You can also use your bath water after collecting it in the bathtub.

Soap is considered an organic pesticide. It is also best to remove fungi from your plants. Put this liquid in a spray bottle and spray on the infected plants.

Let’s enjoy the video of killing insects with soapy water.

White Vinegar And salt

Vinegar and salt are common ingredients that you can find in your kitchen easily. It can be used for different purposes both for kitchen and plants as well.

It is cheap and affordable. Add 2 cups of salt to half a gallon of vinegar and mix them well. Pour that liquid into your lawn or garden at any time of the day. Amazingly, it will do its work so quickly and effectively.

Natural Flour

It is a very amazing natural substitute for Sevin Dust. It is the safest way of killing insects. Just take a big amount of flour and coat it on the plants that are affected by insects.

Surprisingly, you will see the magic. As soon as the insects eat the coated plant or leaf, they will die immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sevin Dust safe for organic gardening?

There are different concepts about using Sevin Dust on vegetables. This is helpful in killing insects in a few minutes as they touch the pesticide. For the safety of vegetables, always wash them before eating.

Is Sevin Dust Harmful to Human Beings?

Yes, it could be harmful to human beings if they get in contact with it or inhale it through breathing. That’s why it is recommended to avoid using Sevin Dust for indoor purposes.

Bottom Lines

As a gardener, you must want to get rid of insects. For this, pesticides like Sevin Dust are helpful. There are also several alternatives available in the market.

Select the one that suits your plants and is designed to kill many pest species in a short time period. Many gardeners find the Sevin Dust the most reliable and effective product.

Unluckily, it is not organic but it is not harmful. Just follow some safety rules and apply them for the best results.

You can recommend it to your friends because it is not only efficient but also find at affordable prices.

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